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AbSolve provides comprehensive integrated leave and disability solutions for routine and complex employee absence programs on behalf of large employers, trade associations and insurance companies. We concurrently administer every aspect of employee leave including but not limited to:


Protected Time

Statutory Equivalents
Local Leave Laws

Income Replacement

Short-term disability (STD)
Paid Family Leave (PFL)
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Supplemental Pay

Company Leaves

Personal leaves
Jury Duty
Gift of life

Coordination of Benefits

Wellness/Disease Management
Transition to LTD, Other benefits
Life Waiver of Premium


We understand that we are the voice and hands of your organization with each and every interaction. We exist to deliver employee benefits and provide your employees with expert support and dedicated care in time of need. Above all else, we are empathic. We can do all this and still ensure our clients are compliant, counseled and cost-effective in their benefits delivery. We achieve this through:

Dedicated Support

From the first call out through return-to-work, your Integrated Leave Specialists are there every step of the way. As soon as we receive notice of a claim, it is assigned to an adjuster who specializes in your condition and/or the type(s) of leave you are taking. You can take comfort knowing you will receive expert, dedicated support from the same person from start to finish.

Proactive Processes

When you need help, the time it takes to get the right information matters. AbSolve has integrated proactive processes that keep employees and their medical providers engaged while ensuring employers stay compliant and informed. This results in employees that are less burdened during time of leave, attending physicians that are more responsive, and managers and HR departments less inundated with mundane tasks and requests for information.

Clinical Expertise

Nurse case management takes on a whole new meaning as specialized resources are required to administer each and every leave to its optimal outcome, for employee and employer. Through this specialization, AbSolve consistently reduces the direct costs of absence by 35% saving more $500 per employee per year in labor replacement costs alone.

Propietary Technology

While we will never consider technology as a viable replacement for seasoned experience, empahthy and that personal touch, we do apply it to support our processes and securely share the valuable information we compile and mine on your behalf. Our fully-integrated cloud-based systems allow for 24/7 access from any internet-enabled device while ensuring the highest levels of data encryption and protection.

Real-time Reporting

One of the most valuable aspects of our program is the leave data and insights we mine on your behalf. We then apply predicative analytics to credible leave data to transform information into knowledge, empowering managers and executives to guide policy and procedure in an informed way. We then stack your information against that of your peers (industry, geography, size, etc) to identify and explain coverage or policy gaps and the impact and feasibility of bridging them. To do this, we segment data into three progressive buckets:

  • Indicative & Utilization data – consistently tracked and documented history on each and every leave. The more, the better. 
    Patience please, good data takes time.

  • Analytics & Insights – as comparative data matures into a credible database, we can reliably spot trends and specific opportunities to improve

  • Benchmarking & Outliers – your leave Analytics & Insights