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Benefits for Employers

AbSolve is a leading absence management outsourcing solution for mid-to-large-size employers.
AbSolve employs a proprietary combination of subject-matter expertise, process optimization and leading-edge technology to transform our clients' leave of absence programs.

COMPLIANT: The laws regulating state and federal job-protected leaves are complex and ever-changing. Stay up-to-date on the regulations that matter to your business, spend less time searching for answers, and know that you’ll always be compliant. We stay up-to-date so you don’t have to.


CENTRALIZED: AbSolve provides a single point of contact for employee leave management and handles each absence from beginning to end. This reduces the burden on HR and supporting teams, giving our clients more time to take care of business – while we take care of their people.

CUSTOMIZED: We create a comprehensive, customized absence management solution for each one of our clients. The focus is based on what’s right for your culture, employee experience and business goals.

CARING: Going out for an unscheduled absence is no vacation for your employees. We provide the support and guidance they need to navigate a leave and ensure that they receive their benefits quickly and easily.

CLINICAL: Integrated Disability Specialists and Nurse Case Managers, specialized by condition, use robust data and predictive modeling tools to work with attending physicians ensuring the soonest, safest, most supported return-to-work for employees. Utilization patterns are then used to identify high-need populations and underutilized benefit programs to increase overall population health.