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Absence Solved.
Absence solutions that work when your employees can't

AbSolve is a leading provider of leave and disability administration for large employers, trade associations and insurance companies.


500+ Federal, state and local leave laws are complex and ever-changing. We stay up to date so you can focus on your business. AbSolve administers each and every leave to the letter of the law and the spirit of your organization's policy.

Outsourced does not mean out-of-touch. Our fully outsourced model frees you from leave processing and liability while keeping you informed and in control. AbSolve also integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and programs to facilitate speed, efficiency and security of sharing critical data.



Unscheduled leave is no vacation. Our expert, dedicated staff support and guide your people through the process to ensure they get the benefits they need quickly and return to work as soon and safe as possible.

AbSolve's proprietary reporting and analytics turn information into knowledge and knowledge is power. With 24/7 access to claims data on a permission-only basis, clients and claimants are able to see summary and detail information at the claim level. AbSolve's standard and custom reporting provides everything from daily reports that help run your business to benchmarking reports that capture historical data to help you guide future policy decisions.


AbSolve can help you change all that.
AbSolve ensures employers are compliant, efficient, and cost-effective while keeping their employees informed, supported and connected during leave of absence.

AbSolve's interactive process engages employees and their providers early and regularly in the leave process, keeping employers up to date every step of the way.